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It is no mystery at all that the teenage sensation and the popular singer Justin Bieber has a really caring and close relationship with Jazmyn and Jaxon, his half sister and brother, and now it appears that they like Justin’s girlfriend, singer Selena Gomez. In Los Angeles, over the weekend, both Justin and Selena played out the day with them.

According to the reports appeared in a daily, the young couple took four year old Jazmyn and two year old Jaxon to Paradise Cove (Malibu) where they enjoyed in the water, in the sand as well fed the seagulls. The seventeen year old Justin was spotted throwing his brothers in the air and then hugging them. On the other hand, 19 year old Selena was very easy with Justin’s siblings. The “Love You Like a Love Song” star was in all smiles as she played by the water with Justin’s little sister and snuggled his half brother.

It was a kind of family weekend for Justin. After a day, Justin and Selena joined Jazmyn and Jaxon to a lunch date. Justin has stated that he make sure to have spend quality time with his family, but he also expects that when his sister and brother grows up, they realize why Justin passed quality time away.

In 2011, Justin Bieber told that he makes sure he has at least one day off a week. He needs a one day of downtime. At times, it is hard because he is away from his family.

The Canadian singer’s autobiography will be available in Canada starting from next week. The book talks about pop star’s journey – from an unknown boy to an international star and how he was noticed on YouTube. Justin, born in 1994, has a large fan base across the world and was voted one of the richest teen star in the year 2011.