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Justin Bieber impressed by Selena’s looks at Met Gala

They have been on and off for a long time before breaking up seven months ago. But still there is a sense of romance when it comes to Canadian singer Justin Bieber and US singer/actress Selena Gomez. It really seems that the Monte Carlo actress was not at all far from the mind of the twenty one year old Believe singer.

On Monday night, at New York, while leaving the Met Ball Gala, Justin went out of his way to praise the beauty of the brunette. The Canadian singer said a leading entertainment website that Selena looked gorgeous at the Met Ball.

They both walked the red carpet, but they were never photography together. Earlier reports suggest that Selena had parted ways with Zedd. Selena came alone at the event, while Justin Bieber came with Kendall Jenner and his rumored girlfriend Hailey Baldwin.

Selena, who sported her Vera Wang bridal-inspired attire at the event, later altered into a leggy black suit before she stopped by Rihanna’s Post Met Gala Party. Selena hung out with fellow actresses Lily Collins and Vanessa Hudgens, while Justin joined his famous gal buddies Kendall and Kylie Jenner and Kyle Massey. Read more »

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk still at the top of Billboard Top Hot 100

Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk!” feat. Bruno Mars, tops the Billboard Hot 100 for a twelfth week. On the other hand, Flo Rida’s “G.D.F.R.” makes its move to top ten, marking the Sunshine State rapper’s very first top ten in over 2 years.

“Funk!,” that came via RCA Records, becomes the fifteenth No. 1 in Hot 100’s five-and-a-half-decade time to rule for at least twelve weeks. It also attempts for the biggest reign of the 2010s: “Blurred Lines,” by Robin Thicke featuring T.I. and Pharrell, also stayed a twelve week command starting in June 2013.

“Funk” makes it to the 12th week atop Digital Songs chart along with 187000 downloads sold in the week coming to an end on March 22, as per Nielsen Music.  Now it is within 1 week of attempting the record for the most time spent on the top of Digital Songs: the T-Pain-helped “Low” by Flo Rida led for a record thirteen weeks in 2007-08. Read more »

Justin Bieber stuns all with his splendid performance

Justin Bieber charms all by presenting a splendid acoustic performance on the 20th of January, 2015 at the gastro pub, in State Social House, West Hollywood. The dynamic pop star strummed his guitar passionately, presenting four unique numbers that included Edwin McCain’s famous 1998 rock ballad, I’ll Be. This 20 year old Canadian rockstar and two time Grammy nominee also presented the track Home to Mama, which he had recorded last year with the Australian pop singer, Cody Sampson.

On completing his impromptu presentation on the Sunset Strip, he also went on to pose in front of the shutterbugs with his beautiful fans, Vanessa Bisetti and Karey Larsen. This young talent had first been discovered by his manager Scooter Braun through his You Tube videos at 13. This Grammy award nominee proved his singing skills to all by this magnanimous rendition. His performance was just ahead of the Comedy Central Roast, that is to be aired in March, 2015. Read more »

Selena Gomez still has love and respect for Bieber

Even after her breakup, she still has respect for him. Well, Selena Gomez, while speaking to a Norway radio station recently, she confirmed that she is single but she has much love and respect for his former flame Justin Bieber.

The ex Disney star, now 22, was spoke about her relationship with Justin, mainly after talked-about her performance of “The Heart Wants What It Wants” when she broke down crying  at AMAs just previous month.

While speaking to the station, the US actor and singer told that she definitely have so much love and respect for him. Going into the studio is very therapeutic. It was her way of having it be a message more to people in general. Everywhere, people feel this feeling. They must understand when anybody goes through this. They just could not serve what they want and who they love.

Selena also revealed that she is currently not dating anyone. When asked whether she is interested in a new relationship or not, she joked that she does not even know how to use dating applications.

Last month, at the Ryan Seacrest show, Selena told that Justin was a fan of her newest single. She also added that music is an expression, and if you would be that voice for these girls, there are few people that feel this. This is universal. Speaking about her former flame she told that she supports her and she always would, probably.

Justin Bieber spotted sneaking out of a ‘brothel’

Justin Bieber, the nineteen year old Canadian singer, has been grumbled attempting to slip out of what is called to be an ill known Brazilian brothel when wrapped in a white sheet. Recently, the Baby singer was grabbed when he was in attempt to slip out in a popular Brazilian “brothel” Centaurus.

Later the nineteen year old singer jumped into the back of a car. Reports suggest that there he was joined by 2 females from the club. A close source stated that the singer thought that he was a guest at the club.

A leading website reported that Centaurus is considered as one of the top brothel in the world. One can spend time with any girl for forty minutes for just US$ 210. Even though the singer is wrapped in the white sheet, but part of his well known tattoo was there on display.

At present, Justin is in Brazil for a series of concerts. Apparently, he got chucked out of the hotel he was staying in – the swanky Copacabana Palace in Southern Rio. A close source stated voluntarily left the hotel as the gathering hordes of his rooters were making a security issue.

This is not the very first saucy trip that has landed the Canadian singer in the headlines. Just 2 weeks ago, Justin was snapped flashing large wads of cash at a strip club in Texas.

Justin Bieber Starts Madison Beer’s Block Party

It was just last year that Madison Beer was just a normal teenage girl, hanging out with pals, going to school,  and more importantly obsessing over her idol Justin Bieber. While speaking to a leading music channel, Madison told that she was a huge fan, as if she was obsessed with Justin. She used to sport purple on his b’day to school with her friends.

It appeared that Justin is also a huge fan of Madison Beer. After watching a YouTube video of Madison playing at mash-up of Bruno Mars tracks, he tweeted the song’s link to his millions and millions of fan, terming her a  huge future star. Fast forward fourteen months later and Madison, who signed with Justin’s manager Scooter Braun, has not just unveiled her 1st track Melodies, an pop single she describes as young and fun, but a video for the single featuring her pop mentor.

The video starts with Justin Bieber and his buddy Ryan Butler seated on a couch. Before sending Madison a special package, Justin says in the video: “You hear that Ryan? That’s a smash. She’s gonna be a star, trust me.”

Madison told that she call up watching Bieber’s very first video and now he is in her very first video and it is weird that she is even telling that. From there, the fourteen year old hits it to the roads, singing her track out loud that attracts a huge crowd of followers. Madison added that she did not realize all these kids are listening to her sing, and they like the track, so they were following her.