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Justin Bieber on turning eighteen

Justin Bieber is looking forward to his adulthood. The singer turns 18 on 1st of March. The teen pop idol who started his career when he was 13, said that he wanted people to know that he is not a kid anymore.
However he is not completely a grown-up either.

He believes that he still has a lot to learn and although he is not going to conform to people’s ideas of what he should be, he is also not going to start partying and drinking just because it is the most acceptable thing to do. He would rather just do everything according to his own pace. He also said that he is not going to be racy just because he is turning eighteen and start having lyrics in his songs that revolve around sex, swearing or drugs. Justin commented that he is more into love and would probably indulge in making love as he is older. However, the most important thing to him is that he aspires to be somebody who is loved and respected by all.

Bieber also said that he is extremely driven and wants to excel in whatever he does. He believes that he is a hard worker and it is pointless to him if he does not succeed on becoming the best at whatever he does. Bieber feels that in order to succeed he should strive hard to get to the top. However he should also have humility and be good to other people and treat them with respect and dignity.

The singer recently went through another significant change in his hairstyle. He was seen sporting of darker and shorter locks which gelled pretty well with his yellow T-shirt, jeans and blue sneakers.  This new look is a sharp contrast to his previous light-colored longer hair swept sideways.