Selena Gomez still has love and respect for Bieber

Even after her breakup, she still has respect for him. Well, Selena Gomez, while speaking to a Norway radio station recently, she confirmed that she is single but she has much love and respect for his former flame Justin Bieber.

The ex Disney star, now 22, was spoke about her relationship with Justin, mainly after talked-about her performance of “The Heart Wants What It Wants” when she broke down crying  at AMAs just previous month.

While speaking to the station, the US actor and singer told that she definitely have so much love and respect for him. Going into the studio is very therapeutic. It was her way of having it be a message more to people in general. Everywhere, people feel this feeling. They must understand when anybody goes through this. They just could not serve what they want and who they love.

Selena also revealed that she is currently not dating anyone. When asked whether she is interested in a new relationship or not, she joked that she does not even know how to use dating applications.

Last month, at the Ryan Seacrest show, Selena told that Justin was a fan of her newest single. She also added that music is an expression, and if you would be that voice for these girls, there are few people that feel this. This is universal. Speaking about her former flame she told that she supports her and she always would, probably.