Photographer of the Justin Bieber case arrested

A photographer who was said to be chased Canadian singer Justin Bieber on 101 Freeway, becabe the very first person at get arrested and also charged under the new anti-paparazzi law of the state.

Thirty year old Paul Raef faces 4 misdemeanor charges in connection with that 6th July incident – failing to obey an officer, reckless driving, 2 counts for chasing another car very closely and also reckless driving with the intention of capturing snaps for his commercial gain.

If he is convicted, then he might face up to one year jail with fines totaling $ 3500. The hearing on the case is scheduled for 24th September. Paul tells that the law, which is signed by former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, actually violates the first Amendment. This law aims “commercial” photographers who chase celebs.

One of Paul’s attorneys Dmitry Gorin tells that this punishes the press only for engaging in news gathering. The law does not apply to a crazed fan following a celebrity, nor does it punish a reporter who is not paid for the photographs. He added that Paparazzi photographers have the similar kind of constitutional protection like any other press members. Los Angeles City Attorney did not comment on this issue.

According to legal experts, the city attorney confronts a considerable legal challenge. A law professor of the Pepperdine University says that a court is going to ask that the government prove the paparazzi make a special problem in this field that other drivers are not causing. The government would have a burden of justification. He does not think that the government will meet that justification.