Justin Bieber’s third fragrance

Justin Bieber’s 3rd fragrance’s bottle named The Key was unveiled on 20th June. The white and gold bottle is mature and sleek. It is expected that people would like his new fragrance. On 6th June, the 3rd fragrance’s box of Justin Bieber was leaked and since then his fans started to believe that the name of the fragrance is The Key. It was officially confirmed on 20th June and it was revealed a day after, on 21st June.

Justin Bieber tweeted: “#whatiskey” on 20th June, along with a snap of the magnificent looking bottle.

Reports suggest that the fragrance launches in July and the official press release stated: “Energetic with a sexy splash of sparkling freshness, the luminous fruity floral musk fragrance awakens the senses with a burst of juicy fruits, while the heart blooms to unveil a bright bouquet of sheer floralcy. The creamy dry down blends sensual musks and exotic precious woods with decadent notes of vanilla that will leave you dreaming for more.”

The bottle is magnificent, super sleek and white along with a gold touch on the front. There is a gold key with tiny crystals that helps to open the bottle of fragrances. Justin Biber’s earlier two fragrances – Someday and Girlfriend sold in record numbers. Now Justin can surely expect that his third fragrance would work in the same way.