Justin Bieber Starts Madison Beer’s Block Party

It was just last year that Madison Beer was just a normal teenage girl, hanging out with pals, going to school,  and more importantly obsessing over her idol Justin Bieber. While speaking to a leading music channel, Madison told that she was a huge fan, as if she was obsessed with Justin. She used to sport purple on his b’day to school with her friends.

It appeared that Justin is also a huge fan of Madison Beer. After watching a YouTube video of Madison playing at mash-up of Bruno Mars tracks, he tweeted the song’s link to his millions and millions of fan, terming her a  huge future star. Fast forward fourteen months later and Madison, who signed with Justin’s manager Scooter Braun, has not just unveiled her 1st track Melodies, an pop single she describes as young and fun, but a video for the single featuring her pop mentor.

The video starts with Justin Bieber and his buddy Ryan Butler seated on a couch. Before sending Madison a special package, Justin says in the video: “You hear that Ryan? That’s a smash. She’s gonna be a star, trust me.”

Madison told that she call up watching Bieber’s very first video and now he is in her very first video and it is weird that she is even telling that. From there, the fourteen year old hits it to the roads, singing her track out loud that attracts a huge crowd of followers. Madison added that she did not realize all these kids are listening to her sing, and they like the track, so they were following her.