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Justin Bieber spotted sneaking out of a ‘brothel’

Justin Bieber, the nineteen year old Canadian singer, has been grumbled attempting to slip out of what is called to be an ill known Brazilian brothel when wrapped in a white sheet. Recently, the Baby singer was grabbed when he was in attempt to slip out in a popular Brazilian “brothel” Centaurus.

Later the nineteen year old singer jumped into the back of a car. Reports suggest that there he was joined by 2 females from the club. A close source stated that the singer thought that he was a guest at the club.

A leading website reported that Centaurus is considered as one of the top brothel in the world. One can spend time with any girl for forty minutes for just US$ 210. Even though the singer is wrapped in the white sheet, but part of his well known tattoo was there on display.

At present, Justin is in Brazil for a series of concerts. Apparently, he got chucked out of the hotel he was staying in – the swanky Copacabana Palace in Southern Rio. A close source stated voluntarily left the hotel as the gathering hordes of his rooters were making a security issue.

This is not the very first saucy trip that has landed the Canadian singer in the headlines. Just 2 weeks ago, Justin was snapped flashing large wads of cash at a strip club in Texas.

Justin Bieber Starts Madison Beer’s Block Party

It was just last year that Madison Beer was just a normal teenage girl, hanging out with pals, going to school,  and more importantly obsessing over her idol Justin Bieber. While speaking to a leading music channel, Madison told that she was a huge fan, as if she was obsessed with Justin. She used to sport purple on his b’day to school with her friends.

It appeared that Justin is also a huge fan of Madison Beer. After watching a YouTube video of Madison playing at mash-up of Bruno Mars tracks, he tweeted the song’s link to his millions and millions of fan, terming her a  huge future star. Fast forward fourteen months later and Madison, who signed with Justin’s manager Scooter Braun, has not just unveiled her 1st track Melodies, an pop single she describes as young and fun, but a video for the single featuring her pop mentor.

The video starts with Justin Bieber and his buddy Ryan Butler seated on a couch. Before sending Madison a special package, Justin says in the video: “You hear that Ryan? That’s a smash. She’s gonna be a star, trust me.”

Madison told that she call up watching Bieber’s very first video and now he is in her very first video and it is weird that she is even telling that. From there, the fourteen year old hits it to the roads, singing her track out loud that attracts a huge crowd of followers. Madison added that she did not realize all these kids are listening to her sing, and they like the track, so they were following her.

Justin Bieber’s third fragrance

Justin Bieber’s 3rd fragrance’s bottle named The Key was unveiled on 20th June. The white and gold bottle is mature and sleek. It is expected that people would like his new fragrance. On 6th June, the 3rd fragrance’s box of Justin Bieber was leaked and since then his fans started to believe that the name of the fragrance is The Key. It was officially confirmed on 20th June and it was revealed a day after, on 21st June.

Justin Bieber tweeted: “#whatiskey” on 20th June, along with a snap of the magnificent looking bottle.

Reports suggest that the fragrance launches in July and the official press release stated: “Energetic with a sexy splash of sparkling freshness, the luminous fruity floral musk fragrance awakens the senses with a burst of juicy fruits, while the heart blooms to unveil a bright bouquet of sheer floralcy. The creamy dry down blends sensual musks and exotic precious woods with decadent notes of vanilla that will leave you dreaming for more.”

The bottle is magnificent, super sleek and white along with a gold touch on the front. There is a gold key with tiny crystals that helps to open the bottle of fragrances. Justin Biber’s earlier two fragrances – Someday and Girlfriend sold in record numbers. Now Justin can surely expect that his third fragrance would work in the same way.

Austrian club bans Justin Bieber

Canadian singer Justin Bieber, who partied hard at the Passage club in Austria during the weekend, has been banned from the going to the club after his bodyguards broke the cameras of his fans who were there to Bieber. The nineteen year old singer was went to the club after his gig in the city, when his personal guards reportedly smashed the mobile phones and cameras fans, who attempted to take a snap of the singer.

According to reports, Joachim Bankel, the club manager, told a leading Austrian daily that Justin Bieber is no longer welcome in the club. The person, who previous week registered a police complaint against Justin Bieber, may be pressing charges against the pop star, reports suggest.

Justin Bieber is alleged to have pronounced threats and also spit on his LA neighbor on 26th March, and a leading US based entertainment website reported that the pop singer would  be prosecuted for his deeds.

according to reports, the incident took place at around 8 am, when Justin Bieber was driving his Ferrarri car around his neighborhood at around hundred miles per hour. The singer’s businessman neighbor went to Bieber’s house and said him to stop driving in a reckless, but in reply, Justin reportedly said, “Get the f–k out of here” and spat in his neighbor’s face, stating “I’m going to f–king kill you.”

The LA Sherriff’s department may level charges against Justin as the Canadian pop star has shown disregard for law.

Bieber barred from a nightclub in Manchester

Since he learn how to drive, pop singer Justin Bieber has got a very good car collection. However, it seems that cars are not the only things he prefers to drive after relishing cruise backstage on a Segway. Justin was spotted driving the electric vehicle in a recent stop on Believe World Tour in Florida, US.

The Canadian pop singer was playing around on Segway in total view of his rooters, the singer revealed some of his tattoos. These new pictures came as it was stated that Justin Bieber was turned away from a nightclub in Manchester on Thursday.

After his show in the Manchester Arena, the teen singer was trusting to unwind with a mark partying at Sankeys. However. it appeared his taste for shuffling (a kind of dance popularized by LMFAO) is real, but that did not fit the place that was full with a whole bunch of serious party goers.

When Justin came to the Northern Quarter club, the management of the club told him that he could not enter the club. The club’s twitter page posted: ‘Yes the rumours are true, we turned Justin Bieber away.

In another tweet, they said: ‘He shuffles on stage and we can’t be having that in Sankeys now can we.’

But when a leading website asked Justin’s representative regarding the matter, he refused to comment on the matter. Speaking about Justin, we must also tell you that few days ago Selena Gomez was thrilled after Bieber asked one of his friends to take her out.

Selena Gomez split with Justin Bieber

Well, after several break ups and reconciliations, now it seems that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez finally ended their relationship earlier this month. According to reports, Selena Gomez put an end to their relationship because Justin Bieber was too needy and it was tough to handle his behavior all the time.

A leading website reported that Bieber’s needy behavior and demands was too annoying for Selena Gomez. A close source told that site that Justin Bieber is super needy and he could be a big baby around Selena Gomez. It was really hard for Justin to make real friends because he prefers temporary attention of unknown people, but he never noticed that it hurt Selena.

The insider also stated that she felt that his need is to be liked by everyone and Justin could not respect Selena’s feeling. She thought that Justin was not respectful towards their relationship. She was constantly catching him with other girls and that would make her uncomfortable. In fact, she used to get super jealous.

According to reports, Justin Bieber, 18, is expecting that he would be able to put this issue behind him and go to a Mexico or Las Vegas Tour for a Spring Break experience with Harry Styles, the One Direction heartthrob. A close source told that the boys talked about a boys’ visit when they were going with the gals, but it was never on the cards. Now they are fancy free and footloose, they want to make it happen. They might not be old enough to legally drink but that would not stop them.