Selena Gomez split with Justin Bieber

Well, after several break ups and reconciliations, now it seems that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez finally ended their relationship earlier this month. According to reports, Selena Gomez put an end to their relationship because Justin Bieber was too needy and it was tough to handle his behavior all the time.

A leading website reported that Bieber’s needy behavior and demands was too annoying for Selena Gomez. A close source told that site that Justin Bieber is super needy and he could be a big baby around Selena Gomez. It was really hard for Justin to make real friends because he prefers temporary attention of unknown people, but he never noticed that it hurt Selena.

The insider also stated that she felt that his need is to be liked by everyone and Justin could not respect Selena’s feeling. She thought that Justin was not respectful towards their relationship. She was constantly catching him with other girls and that would make her uncomfortable. In fact, she used to get super jealous.

According to reports, Justin Bieber, 18, is expecting that he would be able to put this issue behind him and go to a Mexico or Las Vegas Tour for a Spring Break experience with Harry Styles, the One Direction heartthrob. A close source told that the boys talked about a boys’ visit when they were going with the gals, but it was never on the cards. Now they are fancy free and footloose, they want to make it happen. They might not be old enough to legally drink but that would not stop them.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez enjoy dinner in New York

Few days ago Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez were seen enjoying a dinner in the New York City. The couple, who are in a kind of on and off relationship, was spotted in New York’s Marble Lane restaurant. According to reports, fellow diners told that the couple appeared happy and really in love and they had their eyes on each other all the time.

A close source spoke to a leading celeb magazine and told that they were flirting with each other and they also appeared happy and enjoying each other’s company. When they were about to leave the restaurant, Bieber hold Selena’s hand and appeared very protective.

Last month there were rumors that 20 year old Selena Gomez and 18 year old Justin Bieber had split, but an eyewitness reported that they appeared smitten with each other. They were chatting and giggling in such a way that nothing happened between them.

Some people have started to tell that Selena’s friend Taylor Swift is actually responsible for Selena and Biebr’s reunion. It is Taylor who asked Selena to forget all those ‘trust’ issues. An insider told that when Selena and Taylor hung out recently, Selena was really stressed, but Taylor told that Justin loves her like mad and crazy about her.

A close source added that the problem between Justin and Selena appeared when Justin Bieber texted other girls. Selena was embarrassed with the whole issue and it also made her look stupid. She was also concerned about the situation that outsiders are really interested in their love life.

Justin Bieber’s interview with Oprah Winfrey

Since he hit the music scene in the year 2009, singer Justin Bieber has huge following form top big names and that include United President Barack Obama. Recently, to his new celeb follower, Justin posted a snap of him and Oprah Winfrey on his twitter page.

The 18 year old singer posted the picture and tweeted: ‘Me and @Oprah just swaggin it out’. After that Oprah Winfrey also posted a picture on her twitter account.

Oprah Winfrey and Justin Bieber spent a day shooting Bieber’s interview for the television show called Oprah’s Next Chapter that has featured celebs like Olympian Gabby Douglas, Fergie and Rihanna in recent past.

58 year old Oprah tweeted: ‘Me and the Bieber just finished our interview . Good stuff! # NextChapter’. Giving a huge grin, Bieber changes himself back into a fifteen year old. After the interview, Justin treated his rooters in Chicago to an impromptu show.

He donned a black jacket with leather sleeves and a long silver chain as he sang few tracks for his fans. After the interview and the performance, he tweeted: ‘Great interview with @Oprah . Now day 2 here in Chicago. #BELIEVEtour’

In another tweet, he told: ‘Oh and I loved singing with the fans.’#

According to reports, on Tuesday, Bieber invited Oprah Winfrey to one of his shows. He took on to twitter and told: ‘@justinbieber BELIEVE concert so impressive . Thanks for a SUPER FUN nite’.

Photographer of the Justin Bieber case arrested

A photographer who was said to be chased Canadian singer Justin Bieber on 101 Freeway, becabe the very first person at get arrested and also charged under the new anti-paparazzi law of the state.

Thirty year old Paul Raef faces 4 misdemeanor charges in connection with that 6th July incident – failing to obey an officer, reckless driving, 2 counts for chasing another car very closely and also reckless driving with the intention of capturing snaps for his commercial gain.

If he is convicted, then he might face up to one year jail with fines totaling $ 3500. The hearing on the case is scheduled for 24th September. Paul tells that the law, which is signed by former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, actually violates the first Amendment. This law aims “commercial” photographers who chase celebs.

One of Paul’s attorneys Dmitry Gorin tells that this punishes the press only for engaging in news gathering. The law does not apply to a crazed fan following a celebrity, nor does it punish a reporter who is not paid for the photographs. He added that Paparazzi photographers have the similar kind of constitutional protection like any other press members. Los Angeles City Attorney did not comment on this issue.

According to legal experts, the city attorney confronts a considerable legal challenge. A law professor of the Pepperdine University says that a court is going to ask that the government prove the paparazzi make a special problem in this field that other drivers are not causing. The government would have a burden of justification. He does not think that the government will meet that justification.

Justin Bieber ready for an acting career

Justin Bieber, the Boyfriend singer, has now been bitten by acting bug and he expects to play more roles in future after his appearance on 2011’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. While speaking to E! news, the Canadian pop singer told that he expects to do some more acting as he had only be a part of CSI.

In 2 episedes of CSI, the 18 year old singer played the role of Jason McCann, a troubled teen. Recently, he made an appearance in Men In Black 3 as an alien alongside Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith.

The teen heartthrob, who is dating Selena Gomez, hopes that his break might come with a basketball film that he is planning with Mark Wahlberg. He admitted that he and Mark have been working on a script for a long time.

Recently, Mark Wahlberg told that Justin Bieber was really the right selection for his forthcoming movie project, assuring critics that the pop singer and the heartthrob of millions can actually act. He added that Bieber is a very good athlete. They are just going to make him realize that he is playing a character so he could not have the same hairdo.

There is good news for Bieber fans. It seems that the world has got Justin fever. Now, teenage girls are turning desperate to get hold of him with his perfume. According to reports, The Perfume Shop has sold a bottle of ‘Girlfriend’ in each minute making it one of the best selling celeb scents.

Justin and Selena visits children’s hospital

Today, Selena Gomez, the singer and actor, made a fashion choice when she visited Starship Hospital, Auckland with her boyfriend Justin Bieber. The Disney star sported a yellow t – shirt and she was all smiles when she continued their tour to the children’s hospital.

Justin Bieber, the Canadian phenomenon donned a white colored t – shirt with a sleeveless shirt. The couple waved at their fans as they leave the building. Justin has been an exponent for Starship Foundation. He asked his rooters to donate money when he launched Believe Charity Drive in November, last year.

The pair called in the sick children before today’s surprise show later this afternoon on Auckland’s waterfront. Justin Bieber’s schedule in New Zealand has been maintained under wraps. It is expected that the Canadian singer will go for bungy jump at the Auckland Harbour Bridge once again just like he did it in 2010 during his last visit.

The time and location of the show has been kept secret to get rid of a huge number of fans showing up. Till today, those even with the tickets did not know where the show would take place.

Last night at the Auckland airport, his fans were eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite star when he was coming from Australia, but they left disappointed when the couple did not come through the main terminal. This morning, his fans were waiting near the Langham hotel, the same hotel where One Direction stayed earlier this year. Justin is in New Zealand to promote his new album – Believe.